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Autumn Glory

Recently, over a family dinner, we were talking about photography and what to do with the photos we’d taken. Digital photography (for me) over the last 10 years+ has led to many unsorted photos being stored on my computer and rarely shared with anyone, which defeats the purpose of photographing. I want to share what I see with other people!

During the discussion we mentioned photo books, AV’s (digital slideshows) and then the subject of this blog came up. Looking back, I see the last post I published was way back in September 2013. A lot has happened since then! As I’m on leave at the moment and family birthdays gave us a good excuse for a photography outing, here is the result.

Thanks for the encouragement Bryce & Kelly, hope you like the photos.

All of the following images were taken at McLaren Falls Park at the weekend, in the company of my husband, sister and mother. It had been raining earlier in the day and there was a cold wind during our visit but we managed to dodge the showers. Other than the lovely autumn colours, the highlight of the afternoon for me was a group of warmly-dressed young women seated on the ground under a tree, sharing a picnic and videoing themselves singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to an absent friend. When we told them it was also Mum’s birthday today, they needed no encouragement to sing to her.

Happy Birthday Mum!



McLaren Falls – main waterfall area


McLaren Falls


Main entrance / exit to the park



Tangled branches



Gingko pathway – for Yvonne


Fallen leaves




Almost bare but still beautiful


Late afternoon sunlight





GOYA: March 2013

I’m making an attempt to catch up on blog posts, which have been few and far between recently. This one is from back in March.

About twenty members of our camera club met in a local cafe on Saturday 23rd March for the third GOYA outing (the second I have attended). After coffee and some social time, we were given the topic for the day (‘Yellow’), and had the rest of the day to photograph it however we wanted to. See here for an explanation of GOYA itself.

There was plenty of material to choose from.

Yellow walls…




Being creative with some multiple exposures in the garden…


Some discoveries in a nearby ‘two-dollar’ shop…



A school sign…


Tanks with spiral stairs…


Reflections at the marina…


And my entry (unplaced this time), which I called ‘Bargain Hunting Colours’ as it was taken outside the Briscoes store.


Previous GOYA posts:


GOYA – Wood we or wouldn’t we?

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Summer Flowers

I love the colourful lushness of flowering trees and plants here at this time of year. It makes me appreciate again how things grow and flower, cycling through the seasons with little or no intervention from us (we are not gardeners!). Some of the following are growing in our garden, others seen while driving around town; all photographed on the last day of 2012.




Jacaranda & church steeple




Pink silk tree (aka Mimosa, Albizia julibrissin)




Pohutukawa flowers




Australian frangipani


New Years Eve sky




Some people are interested in numbers; some are not.

However, today’s date is 12/12/12. There won’t be another repetition of numbers like this until next century, when we return to 01/01/01 (2101). I’m not sure if any of us will be around to see that!

Today we also made it to a century, as our 100th monarch butterfly for the season emerged from its chrysalis (along with numbers 97, 98, 99, 101, 102 & 103).

Last night I played ‘guess the 100th’ and marked one – and then later looked at the chrysalises again and made a second choice – from the seven that were expected today. My second choice was the 100th (a female), the other the 101st (a male), which emerged about 20 minutes later.

The following images show how our century played out.


9.41.42 am


9.42.26 am


9.42.52 am


9.43.23 am


9.54.57 am


11.23.15 am


P.S. We are in the southern hemisphere, so the snow is courtesy of WordPress. 🙂



Friday Focus: From the Archives

Several years ago, after much browsing of online auction sites, I acquired my first TLR – Twin Lens Reflex camera.

It was a Yashica LM. Supposedly in working order… and it was, kind of. Eventually I put a film through it and had problems. Either it wouldn’t wind on between shots – or after winding on, the shutter wouldn’t fire. A bit of jiggling and it would come right, but it was frustrating. I finished the film, and was pleased with the sharpness and shallow depth of field of the resulting images.

Then the camera went into storage for a long time (along with the rest of the collection) while I was busy getting married, moving house, renovating, getting used to being a wife and step-mum, working part-time etc etc…

I finally pulled it out of the display cupboard a few weeks ago, and took it to our local camera repair specialist. Sadly he couldn’t fix the shutter-jamming problem without pulling the camera apart and risking major cosmetic damage, so we decided it would have to go back into the cupboard as a ‘display-only’ model. 😦

The Camera:

Yashica LM – front view

Side view with viewfinder open

View of the other side

Right side showing winder

Left side showing dial for setting distance, aperture etc

The Stats:

It’s late at night here and I really wanted to get this up on Friday (at least while it’s still Friday in other parts of the world), so I didn’t get the stats done. If you’re interested let me know, otherwise I’ll get round to posting them when I can.

The Photos:

I’m hoping to locate the negatives soon and scan some more frames, as this is all I have so far.

Dahlias in my parent’s garden – this was obviously taken in the summer


Children in the back yard – they have grown up a lot since this photo was taken!

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