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They said…

They said… you need to be more flexible.

They said… you need to drop what you’re doing and do fun things with your husband.

They said… the chores can wait.

And they told me stories of how their mothers were always cleaning house and never had time to do anything with them. Not that I fall into that category.

Anyway, with this in mind, we went down to the park to feed the birds.

Feeding the Birds

The Biggest Bird Gets The Food



Housework Day

After my first quilting lesson yesterday I was keen to get on with some stitching, but I’ve had a busy and social week and today the chores were lined up waiting up for me… dusting and vacuuming, mopping the tiled floors, cleaning the  ensuite, and about four loads of washing – great weather for getting it all dry on the line, just needs folding & putting away now. When browsing some quilting websites a while ago I kept coming across sayings like “Sewing forever, housework whenever” and now I’m beginning to understand!

We have a very noisy vacuum cleaner so I usually wear earmuffs while I’m using it – while doing the kitchen floor I suddenly thought I could hear music playing over the noise of the vacuum cleaner. Puzzled, I looked up to see where it was coming from. I had been playing some music on my computer while I was working earlier, but surely it hadn’t switched itself back on?!

The culprit was nodding his head and swaying his arms to a catchy Spanish tune…

The Singing Gorilla

My step-daughter and her husband have been living with us for a few months but will be moving out soon. While sorting out boxes a few days ago she came across this character – apparently my husband and the kids bought him at a market somewhere years ago. She popped in a new battery and now he responds to a loud clap or click of the fingers – and also to our vacuum cleaner!!

Guaranteed to shift a bad mood and bring a smile to the face…