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In An Ideal World

In an ideal world, I would have unlimited time (and money) to do everything I wanted to do.

I would be perfectly creative – quilt seams would never have to be undone and re-stitched. Quilts would come together quickly and beautifully.

Photographs would turn out exactly the way I’d envisioned them, with no need to use a polarizing filter (!). My photographs would be amazing and people would want to buy them, without trying to beat my prices down.

I would know how to do things instinctively, without having to learn them and making lots of mistakes along the way.

There would be no housework or other chores to be done – the house would clean and tidy itself (or never get dirty). Visitors would always take their shoes off at the door without being asked. The bed would never need making.

There would be no need to go grocery shopping. Delicious meals would appear miraculously on the table every night (my husband would probably disagree with this as he likes shopping and cooking!).

We could eat what we wanted without having to worry about our weight or the dentist bills. Dishes would never need washing.

My cup of tea would never get cold because I made it then got busy doing something else.

I wouldn’t break things, lose them, or forget where I put them.

Piles of paper wouldn’t build up on flat surfaces, but instead sort and file themselves. There would be no bills to pay.

The cat would never miss the dirtbox; in fact he would always go outside so there was never a need to empty the box.

I would never have to run to get the clothes off the washing line because it suddenly started raining, when five minutes beforehand the sun was shining.

No weeds would grow in the garden. In fact, we could have the garden landscaped beautifully at no cost. The neighbours would offer to put up a new fence on the boundary at their expense. The same neighbours would never be noisy when I was trying to sleep after a night shift. Better still, there would be no night shifts.

The traffic lights would always be on green when I was running late.

I could have all the sleep I wanted without feeling guilty, and always wake feeling refreshed.

I would be energetic and highly-motivated, and never be in a bad mood, sad or irritable.

I could say whatever I liked in my blog, honestly sharing my thoughts.  I could be real and honestly share what was on my heart, without fear of offending anyone or bringing ridicule on myself.

Everyone would like, understand and appreciate me (or, if there were difficult people I wouldn’t have to deal with them). There would be no misunderstandings, arguments, frustration, resentment or rejection. I would like myself.

Family relationships (of all kinds) would be loving, supportive and respectful.

We would win the lottery  – without having to buy a ticket. Or, we would have a great income without having to work (except if we wanted to).

We could follow our dreams; pay off the mortgage, keep the house and buy a motorhome, travel…

On a more serious note, there would be no child abuse; car accidents; disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis; cancer; or children dying of starvation. 😦

I’ve just scratched the surface of what my ideal world might look like. Many of the above comments are a bit tongue-in-cheek, but who hasn’t dreamed of a world where everything was right, easy and beautiful. Especially when going through difficult times – and I know the difficulties I find myself facing are comparatively small. Most things I’ve mentioned are only minor annoyances, with a few majors thrown in for good measure. I’m sure everyone could add to this list.


The perfect world might also be very boring. Where would we be without challenges? What would I talk (or write) about?

I guess the difficulties and struggles (both minor and major) are intended to make me grow into a better person – and I could certainly do with being more patient, forgiving and humble at times. Not to mention disciplined and organised. And happy!

I’ll keep working on it. 🙂

If you are struggling through life at the moment, what helps you cope with it? What would your ideal world look like?


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Autumn: Priorities vs Procrastination

Is it better to do what you have to do (first), or do what you want to do? The answer is obvious but its not so easy in real life. The days/weeks/months & seasons go by so quickly and there never seems to be enough time to do both. It frustrates me when there are chores (or other time-consuming ‘boring’ activities) that need to be done before you can do those creative things you look forward to (at the moment for me its photography, the quilting project, and blog posts I want to write). Of course when I procrastinate on the chores they take way longer and there is even less time for the other things. I’m still working on getting the balance right. I find it much easier to be relaxed and creative when I have a clear conscience!

Autumn is my favourite season – possibly because I was born at this time of year, I’m not sure. Every autumn marks the end of another year… I always want to photograph the trees changing colour and feel restless until I can get my annual ‘fix’. However I tend to put it off for various reasons and always leave it a bit late in the season to get any really spectacular colour (also the area we live in, having a milder climate and less deciduous trees than some, doesn’t have the vibrant colours you see in colder places). I still feel refreshed by getting out amongst the trees and capturing them on camera, even if the experience is better than the results.

Wind Blowing Leaves