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Waiting – 15/365

February 15th, 2018: I captured this image while waiting at an appointment this morning. Its amazing what you can find to photograph, even in those places that seem uninteresting at first look. 15 days down, only 350 to go!


15/365 – Waiting. Nikon D7000, edited with Lightroom.

This will be the last of the 365 project ‘photo-a-day’ posts for now. I plan to keep on with the project, and hope to post a monthly summary here to showcase a few of my faves.

If you’d like to view the daily photos as I post them, they will be on my 365Project page here: https://365project.org/chikadnz/365 and also on my Flickr page here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chikadnz/sets/72157693022554075

Comments are welcome and will be appreciated.


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The Gift – 14/365

February 14th, 2018: For John, on Valentines Day.

Don’t ask me how many attempts I made to get a perfect still-life photo (this is why I don’t do still-life). In the end I went back to one I’d taken that was imperfect, but I liked it better. I’m not sure if there is a life lesson in that.


14/365 – Heart. Nikon D7000, edited with Lightroom.


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Golden Granola – 13/365

February 13th, 2018: We have been eating low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) since about August last year. As we have removed all breads, cereals, pastas etc from our diet, this is a good alternative breakfast. It includes a variety of nuts and seeds, coconut, and turmeric, which gives the lovely golden colour when baked in the oven. Add some high fat yoghurt, cream, and a portion of fresh or frozen fruit, and enjoy!


13/365 – Granola. Nikon D7000, edited with Lightroom.


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Solo – 12/365

February 12th, 2018: It rained all night while I was at work. Thankfully it had stopped by the time I arrived home, but I asked my husband to pass me the camera before I came inside, so I could take some photos of the rain-drenched garden.

This solo agapanthus flower (floret?) especially caught my eye. The raindrops almost made it look frozen, but it’s summer here! Believe it or not…


12/365 – Solo. Nikon D7000, edited with Lightroom.


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Grass & Rain – 11/365

February 11th, 2018: We have had a very wet weekend, and that combined with being on night shifts has meant I have been more or less house-bound for a couple of days.

Our backyard desperately needs a clean-up but the weather has also prevented us from weed spraying recently. Despite being officially classified as weeds, these grasses are quite attractive and I have been looking for opportunities to photograph them. This image was captured though a glass door with rainwater running down it, and gives some idea of the wind & rain outside. The background is an old wooden fence.


11/365 – Grass & Rain. Nikon D7000, edited with Lightroom.