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Loss and Gain

The sewing machine I’ve been using for the last year belonged to my husband’s late wife, and had been held ‘in trust’ for my step-daughter. Recently she asked if she could have it, as she has developed an interest in sewing. Kelly N., I look forward to seeing your first creations. 🙂

Although sad to lose the machine – as I still have a way to go on my first quilt top, and a number of other projects in mind – I had only myself to blame for not making more progress on the quilt over the last few months.

Bernina sewing machine

‘The Old’ – Bernina 830

What I didn’t know at the time was that a lovely new machine was in store for me. When we knew the Bernina was going to a new home we started looking for a likely replacement, starting with the local Spotlight store and Bernina dealer, doing some research online and finally checking out a number of different makes & models at the Quilt & Craft Show in Hamilton last weekend. An interesting process during which we learnt what accessories we wanted / needed for quilting and decided what the budget would allow. We made an order at the show on Friday and collected the machine from our local Brother dealer the following Tuesday afternoon.

For the benefit of quilters reading this, it comes complete with a number of quilting-related presser feet, including a 1/4″ foot for piecing and a walking foot for machine quilting. It also has some ‘luxury’ (to me!) features such as automatic needle threading and automatic thread trimming, not to mention multiple embroidery stitches most of which I may never use. I feel very spoilt!

Brother sewing machine

‘The New’ – Brother NV 600

What’s that saying about needing to let go of something to receive something better ?! Now I just have to learn how to drive it…  hence the Operation Manual in this photo. 😉