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Treasure Hunting


After acquiring a handheld GPS this week, yesterday we went on our first geocaching expedition.

For all you want to know about geocaching, see here . It’s like treasure hunting for adults – complete with GPS co-ordinates and clues – and people all over the world participate.

I’m still working my way through “Geocaching 101″… and learning how the GPS works!

On looking at the map to see where caches were hidden, I was amazed at how many there were in our area – right under our noses, so to speak – you just need to know where to look. For our first attempt, John chose two that were supposedly good for beginners to find, were located in easy terrain, and had been ‘found’ recently (so we knew they were still there).


View from the top of the track – there’s rain on the way


The track – not such easy terrain after all!


At the bottom of the track – a place to rest


View from the bottom of the track – the tide was out


Our first find – signing the log book


There’s treasure hidden somewhere down here – sorry, we’re not telling where!

Our first cache was easy to find – a great one to start with, and we loved the views from the track. The second one was a different story and we had almost given up when we found it. 🙂 Oh yes – and we were getting eaten by mozzies at the time.


Now, which path did Little Red Riding Hood take?


Success at last! – signing the log book for our second find

It’s a great way to explore an area and get some exercise with an interesting goal, as it can be incorporated with walking or cycling. There’s an element of secrecy as you don’t want to be seen finding the caches, and you never know what treasures they might hold. In some cases we’re advised to watch out for ‘muggles’, i.e. other members of the public who might not be in-the-know.

This seems to bring out the big kid in us – not a bad thing. It might be addictive, as we’re already planning our next outing. 🙂


Author: Janice

Married to a very lucky man (he sometimes agrees), I'm learning to be a better wife, homemaker, & step-mum to two adult children and their other halves. I enjoy thinking, writing, nature, travelling, reading, photography and other creative pursuits, and spending time with friends & family (not necessarily in that order). I work part-time with children & their families. I have too much stuff (working on that) and am not a morning person... that about covers it for now.

5 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting

  1. My parents have been doing this. Sounds like way too much fun! Maybe one day I will join in the game!

    • Thanks Erin – you so should give this a go too! Where are your parents based? (By the way, thanks for following my blog; not sure how I missed yours but I’m a follower as of today).

      • They live in British Columbia, Canada. I think it would be fun to do too but then I have to share the experience with the kids. And I think they may not quite be old enough to appreciate the adventure. One day soon maybe though.
        Thanks for follow! I don’t blog as often as I want to, or read blogs as often as I want to, but I have enjoyed yours when I get a few moments!

  2. Looks like it was fun. Did you take out and add something new to the ‘treasure jars’?
    There are days when I so wish I wasn’t here but back with you guys having fun and spending days off on adventures with our cameras.

    • Hi Joce, yes it was fun. No we didn’t swap anything in the caches but will have to gather a collection of interesting little things so we can do that another time. We look forward to having adventures with you too – when will you be up here next?

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