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End of an Era


Today (Tuesday) I handed in my resignation for a voluntary position I’ve held for over 11 years.

I’ll probably keep going through the motions for a few weeks or months, but only to get things ready to hand over to whoever will be my successor. At this stage I’m not sure who or when that will be.

This position has been a large part of my ‘identity’ within the photographic group I belong to, and its been a time-consuming and sometimes challenging (though mostly enjoyable) position. It’s almost as though I’m losing a part of myself, so I feel a bit sad and strange at the moment. It really does feel like the end of an era!

It was inevitable that I would resign at some stage, but it’s come more quickly than I expected. Although ultimately it’s been my choice, the catalyst was some strong public criticism from one individual, followed by an apparent lack of support from others involved in running the group.

It always surprises me when another person’s perception of who I am, and my motives, is so different to who I think I am, and how I come across to others.

My husband got a cross look when he suggested that now I’m not filling this role any more, I’ll get more housework done. He says he was joking. Ggrrr! He also suggested a few other (nicer) things I might get done, which included blogging, quilting and even getting into the darkroom again! 🙂

However those things might be a little while away, as I also have to put a work portfolio together within the next month.

I’ll be posting this later in the week, so the news of my resignation has a little time to filter through the ranks first.


Author: Janice

Married to a very lucky man (he sometimes agrees), I'm learning to be a better wife, homemaker, & step-mum to two adult children and their other halves. I enjoy thinking, writing, nature, travelling, reading, photography and other creative pursuits, and spending time with friends & family (not necessarily in that order). I work part-time with children & their families. I have too much stuff (working on that) and am not a morning person... that about covers it for now.

7 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. Change is never easy, especially when you have that much time invested in something. When I have gone through changes I am unsure about, I ask myself how can I make it an adventure and move forward. Take what you have learned, throw out the garbage and look forward to something new.
    Good Luck!

    • Thanks Debbie. I can see the benefits of not having this responsibility any more, but have to get through the handing-over process first, which may be complicated depending on how much the new person(s) know about the job already. There are no takers yet (though my husband reminds me it’s early days!)

  2. It is a strange and sad feeling, isn’t it? I rember doing the same thing long ago, and that’s just how I felt. At the time I was getting a Masters degree and expecting a baby, both very valid reasons to resign, but still. Also, I often don’t think anyone else can do the jobs as well…but life did go on, and it was the right decision. Enjoy your new direction.

    • Hi Valerie, thanks for commenting. I’m hoping we find someone else who can do the job better! I’m looking forward to more free time for other things. 🙂

  3. Now you have to remake your identity somewhat, but that’s always sort of fun, and only YOU can do that! Enjoy YOUR free time. Sorry for the disappointments, but knowing you, you won’t stay disappointed long. You’ll be doing something interesting with your time.

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