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Showing Promise


Well that’s what he said when he saw the latest quilt block taking shape. ‘He’ being the other half of course. 🙂

Anyway, I have more progress to report: I’ve now completed Block #7 of the Made With Love quilt from Wildcraft Farm.

The stitched word on this one was ‘true love’ and I have replaced it with ‘promise’, hence the tongue-in-cheek comment above. I left out ‘true love’ not because we don’t have it, but because the quilt already has other references to love.  ‘Promise’ reminds me of the vows we made to each other on our wedding day, and the potential our relationship has to be increasingly strong and good.

Yesterday I enjoyed a brief catch-up with my youngest brother & nephew. They live 2-3 hrs drive north of here (depending on traffic conditions) and had some wooden garden beds to deliver to clients in our area. We were comparing notes on creativity while I watched him put together two of the garden beds and breathed in the smell of macrocarpa. He told me he had no interest in woodwork while at school, but now he’s enjoying designing and making things, and has lots of ideas for new products – although he has to make what will sell. He was taking care and had obvious pride in what he was doing.

I also struggled with sewing classes at school (as mentioned in one of the earlier posts on the quilt project); lacking in both knowledge and confidence. After leaving school I did a little sewing and realised I did have the ability to make things. Later I took up cross-stitch, and again was surprised I could do it; like most things, it’s easy when you know how – although if you didn’t have some patience, perseverance and attention to detail it probably wouldn’t be your ‘thing’. Now, after not having used a sewing machine for many years, I’m slowly putting together a queen-size quilt – and looking at other projects I might like to take on when this one is finished!

We agreed that the lack of pressure makes it much easier and more enjoyable to be creative.

I remembered afterwards that my husband is a cabinetmaker by trade and currently designs & assembles kitchens. And my brother’s wife is a dressmaker who designs & sews amazing clothing! So they may be smiling at our small efforts. However we will continue to enjoy our creative pursuits… 🙂

Block #7 appliqué and stitching

Appliquéd flower

Appliquéd hearts (yes they are meant to be sideways)

Word for the day

Block #7 – central part completed

Block #7 with borders

Block #7 complete with squaring-up borders

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4 – Words

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7 – Appliqué  Again

8 – Quilting Lesson #5 / Words III

9 – Quilting Lesson #6 / Words IV

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Author: Janice

Married to a very lucky man (he sometimes agrees), I'm learning to be a better wife, homemaker, & step-mum to two adult children and their other halves. I enjoy thinking, writing, nature, travelling, reading, photography and other creative pursuits, and spending time with friends & family (not necessarily in that order). I work part-time with children & their families. I have too much stuff (working on that) and am not a morning person... that about covers it for now.

2 thoughts on “Showing Promise

  1. Wow. This quilt is going to be fantastic. I can’t wait to see the completed project!

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