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Quilt Project: Colour Choices

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After a time of discouragement at the slow progress of the Made with Love quilt I’m doing, last week I met with the other three ladies in my class for what was supposed to be a ‘quilt finishing’ class. Three of us were at various stages of having our initial six blocks completed (I had just finished #5) but one lady had put her whole quilt top (single bed size) together. Wow – it looked lovely, and she was the one who kept saying she was going to be the slowest of us all! So while we moved on to the next stage of sewing more borders around the blocks and starting to put them together, she was making notes on batting, backing and quilting her project.

I had been wanting to record the others’ choice of colour schemes for some time, and this day I got the opportunity I’d been waiting for.

So here they are:

Vivianne #1

Vivianne #2

Pat #1

Pat #2

Melva #1

Melva #2

Melva #3

Brenda (tutor) #1

Brenda #2

…and mine of course (click on the links below to see previous posts).

It goes to show there’s no limit to colour combinations;  every one is uniquely different as are the women creating them.

Someone suggested we meet again in the future for a ‘show and tell’; a great idea. It would be good to keep in touch and encourage each other as we progress.

Meanwhile I’m sure our tutor Brenda will be seeing more of us as we call into the shop for advice on what to do next. We will be back! 🙂

The Quilt Project – progress so far:

1 – Beginnings

2 – Quilting Lesson #1

3 – Attempts at Appliqué

4 – Words

5 – Quilting Lesson #2

6 – Words II – To The Bride & Groom

7 – Appliqué  Again

8 – Quilting Lesson #5 / Words III

9 – Quilting Lesson #6 / Words IV

10 – Out On My Own


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