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Bad Day for Butterflies

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Not a good day for butterflies today…

Two butterflies successfully emerged from their chrysalises and we expect to release them outside tomorrow, weather permitting.

However the third to emerge had difficulty holding onto its chrysalis, fell, and although rescued immediately, we found one of its larger wings had not developed properly (in the chrysalis?). This one will not be flying away either.

We had brought a caterpillar inside last night that had formed into a pre-chrysalis ‘J’. We were expecting low temperatures overnight, and thought it might not survive if we left it out. It formed a chrysalis today but is very misshapen.  Not a good look.

And another caterpillar ‘J’ we attempted to bring inside today, fell from its branch while being moved.

I’m not sure if we are having more problems because we are seeing more chrysalises than last year, or because its late in the season and getting too cold for them to develop properly through all the stages. Either way its sad. 😦

On a brighter note, here’s one from earlier in the season.

Monarch Butterfly (Male)


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