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Misleading Advertising

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A few weeks ago we were misled by a sign at a Subway restaurant. We had spent several hours photographing hairdressing models and called in for a very late lunch. The sign near the door showed four meals, with $7 in large letters at the top left. We assumed the price applied to all those pictured and ordered one, only to be shocked when it rang up on the till as something like $11 – when we questioned it and referred to the sign, the staff were unsympathetic and said we were the only ones who’d had a problem with it. They would not agree the sign was misleading. The back of the sign (which we saw afterwards as we were leaving) was also advertising the $7 special but listed the meals to which it applied (it did not include the one we ordered). We left feeling annoyed and a bit stupid; and definitely not impressed with the customer service…

Then recently we heard of a woman being caught out by advertising in a shoe shop where there was a sign stating ‘Ankle Boots all under $100’. She took a pair to the counter only to be told the special didn’t apply to those ones. Apparently it only applied to the ankle boots on the table with the sign. However if it had said ‘All Ankle Boots under $100’ it would have been referring to every pair in the shop. She had been wanting to buy the boots for some time so went ahead even though she had to pay considerably more. How easy to be fooled and spend more than you intend!

Last Saturday night – my birthday – we ate dinner at an Indian restaurant. The food was great, the staff were friendly and the service prompt – then we went to pay for our meal. We had received an advertising brochure for Little India in our letterbox, which included a discount voucher. Here follow John’s comments, in the form of customer feedback on their website later that evening…

When is “Your Next Meal” Not your Next Meal?

I guess the answer is when you go to dine at Little India and you have a $5 discount voucher and they don’t want to give you $5 off this time! They stated that you have to have been here before as the voucher says $5 off your NEXT MEAL so you have to come back again to get the discount! So I said in return that in my opinion this is my Next Meal and if this is the way that you treat your customers this will probably be the last meal we have at Little India. (…edited…) When I questioned the people at reception they said that it was a very complicated idea thought up by the Einstein up there! Not sure where they meant by up there, Head Office or Heaven. They suggested we get on the website and give customer feedback and be nasty! We don’t want to be nasty but do wish we had gone to our usual Indian Establishment even though we would not have got a discount! We would appreciate your response.

We did see the funny side of this – Next meal? Next minute…!!

There was no response to our customer feedback until today, when John received a pleasant and apologetic email and the offer of a further voucher, which the manager assured us we would have no problem redeeming!

Has anyone else had experiences like these? We’d be interested to hear about them.

Little India



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