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Jason from the camera club we attend has recently started an activity called GOYA (Get Off Your A–). He arranges a date and club members who want to be involved meet at a local cafe that morning, to be given the set subject for the day. Photos have to be taken before midnight that day and your best effort emailed to Jason by 6pm the following evening. The entries will be shown anonymously at the next camera club meeting and a popular choice vote takes place. There is no prize as such but the glory of winning. Its a great idea for people to get out and photograph in as creative a way as they wish. It also takes the pressure off those who are self-conscious about entering their photos for evaluation and being critiqued in public.

The GOYA idea was originally started by Zack Arias, a photographer in the States, as a way of getting himself and his colleagues out to do some personal photography as opposed to the commercial shoots they were involved with. Thanks Zack, your idea has now spread to our part of the world. 🙂

This morning we met at the cafe and there were about 20 people present. After some discussion it was decided that only those present would be able to enter – several others had emailed or texted Jason saying they also wished to be involved but weren’t able to make it to the meeting for various reasons, and asking for the topic to be sent to them. The group decided that as part of the reason for GOYA was a social gathering where club members could get to know each other better, there should be no exceptions – those who couldn’t make it to the meeting weren’t eligible to enter. Some of us thought it was fairer to make an exception this time but make the rules clear for future meetings, however there were some strong personalities who over-ruled. I could see both sides of the argument but found this especially hard as it excluded husband John, who was unable to attend the meeting as he had an appointment with a client this morning. We had planned to go out together and photograph the set subject this afternoon, incorporating it with another appointment out of town.

This was the second GOYA meeting; the first was held on a Saturday at the end of March but neither of us made it to that one, I was sleeping after a night shift and John was also busy with work commitments.

Now I’m waiting for John to finish with his client; lunch is made, the thermos cups are waiting to be filled, and camera gear is collecting by the front door. We’re heading out of town via the cafe so John is ‘official’…

I will announce the subject in another post, after entries are in, but here are a couple of photos from today.

Sunlight on Trees

Seat and Shadow


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